Our Services

Pension Insurance & Retirement Planning

The KALI group's core activity includes planning and administration of personal pension schemes and employee benefits plans. In its role as an insurance agency, The KALI group distributes pension, life and disability insurance policies among individual employees in corporations and institutions, through special group agreements with Israel’s largest insurance companies.

The service at the individual client level is offered upon joining a company, throughout the employment period and upon termination of employment or retirement.

Our advice spans a range of pension schemes, such as fully funded pension funds, executive life insurance plans, provident funds and education funds. In addition, we provide counseling services related to the specific legal aspects and tax benefits featured in each one of the schemes we offer.

Health Care and Long Term Care

To complete its product offerings, The KALI group offers and services individual health care policies and collective medical insurance agreements with Israel’s largest insurance companies.

Wealth Management & Investment Planning

In 2006, following the government reform of the conduct of the capital market in Israel (Bachar reform), the KALI group established its financial arm, which distributes savings and investment products. To this end, we signed marketing agreements, identical in nature, with close to 30 investment houses and asset management firms, both in Israel and abroad. This enables us to serve as an independent broker, offering our clients candid, unbiased advice.

Most people have limited experience and resources to make informed investment decisions – this is where the Kali Group comes in. We work with the most up-to-date and innovative research platforms, industry-leading credentials and a diverse group of experts to make sure you make the right choices.

We are not investment managers ourselves but rather we represent you vis-à-vis all the money managers you have selected, where we help you accomplish your financial targets through a holistic view of your needs.

The Kali Index

We have created an objective and exclusive benchmark index that allows us to present real-time data based on proven financial performance of our clients’ portfolios.

Using the Kali Index, we will independently review all the investment channels available to you and together with our leading investment experts, will formulate the best financial strategy for you.


Financial Services Switzerland

We offer our services to premium clients that have accounts with Swiss banks and to those who wish to add such exposure to their portfolios. We are an objective, independent organization. We are not affiliated with any particular insurance carrier or money manager. The advice we provide is unbiased, and based solely on the client’s best interests. We do not sell products of our own, we do not belong to any financial institution and we earn the same revenue from all producers.

We have a customer-based approach to ensure optimal asset allocation, best in class research, as well as opportunity scouting and vetting in the global markets by the top tier Swiss banks. Our goal is to help you find your next great investment and overcome the challenges you may face in a fast-changing and complex financial and regulatory environment. Our wealth managers and planners are constantly watching the markets around the world to make sure you are presented with the best options for investment.

The Right Strategy and the Ongoing Monitoring

Our financial strategy team initiates and regularly monitors the financial portfolio of each customer and produces regular reviews, meetings and update calls to keep you up-to-date on your status.

In addition to exceptional management of existing portfolio investments, we also identify various opportunities for our customers, allowing us to offer innovative investment ideas, alternative investment products and other relevant services.




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