The Group’s Management team

Meet the members of the Kali Group management team

Ran Kali – Board of Directors Chairman


BA in economics and psychology – Hebrew University, Jerusalem

MBA – Business Management – IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland

Previous positions:

CEO Kali Pension Insurance Consultants | CEO Kali Pension Scheme Management | CEO Kali Group | Kali Group Board of Directors Chairman

רן קלי – יו"ר דירקטוריון

Avi Mor – CEO Kali Group


BA in Industrial and Management Engineering

MBA – Master degree in business management

Previous positions:

CEO Kali Personal | VP of services and data systems at Kali Pension Scheme Management | Manager of the Planning and Development Department at Visa CAL.

Avi Levy – Deputy CEO and CFO


BA Business management and accounting specializing in financing – College of Administration

MBA – Tel Aviv University business management EMBA program

Licensed CPA

Previous positions:

Audit Manager for Breitman Almagor & Co CPA Offices | Finance Manager at Spring Pension Fund Managements | Finance Manager at Kali Group |Public Director and Finance Committee Chairman for the National Coal Supply Company Ltd.

אבי לוי – משנה למנכ"ל ו-CFO

Reut Pifman – VP Human resources


BA in Behavioral Sciences

MBA – Business management specializing in Organizational Behavior

Previous positions:

Human resources Manager at Amitim Veteran Pension Funds and at Opal Technologies | Prior to that various HR positions at the Israeli Standards Institute, Teva and Intel.

Shelley Biran –VP of Services and Operations


BA in business management

Previous positions:

Service Center and Operations Department Manager for Hot Mobile, COO for Omni-Telecom and a series of positions in the service, operating and human resources worlds at Partner

שלי בירן - סמנכ"לית שירות ותפעול

Ofra Tuval – Professional VP of Pension Schemes


BA in economics and statistics – Hebrew University Jerusalem

Previous positions:

Worked for the research department at the Central Bureau of Statistics. Began her career at Kali in 1993 as part of the customer services team and was later promoted to team leader position.

עופרה תובל - סמנכ"לית מקצועית הסדרים פנסיוניים

Yuval Koren – VP CFO


BA in business management – Hebrew University Jerusalem

MBA – specializing in financing and marketing – Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Licensed in investments marketing and investments portfolio management

Licensed insurance agent

Previous positions:

Securities consultant, Bank Hapoalim, Jerusalem region | Jerusalem district manager at Peilim, a subsidiary of Bank Hapoalim for investment portfolio management | Marketing VP at Peilim | VP of financial services sales at Migdal | CEO at Kali Capital Markets and Kali Premium

יובל קורן - משנה למנכ"ל פיננסים

Eldad Talmor – VP Marketing and Digital


BA in business management specializing in marketing

MBA – specializing in marketing and advertising

Previous positions:

VP of Marketing at HighQ Global | VP of Marketing at Ten Bis | Digital Manager at Leumi Card (MAX)

אלדד טלמור - סמנכ"ל שיווק ודיגיטל

Amir Harush – VP Technologies


BA in economics and mathematics – Bar Ilan University

Actuary Certification Studies – Haifa University

Data Systems Analysis Certification Studies – Technion

Previous positions:

Pension Accounting Department Manager at Amitim Veteran Pension Funds | Data Systems Department Manager for the Pension Division at Amitim Veteran Pension Funds

אמיר הרוש - סמנכ"ל טכנולוגיות

Ofer Varshaviak – VP Business Clients


BA in economics and business management

Licensed in pension marketing and certified retirement planner

Previous positions:

10 years of experience in the world of insurance, various professional positions at the Harel Insurance Company and at the Kali Agency

עופר ורשויאק - סמנכ"ל לקוחות עסקיים




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